Anna Bourma was born in Athens and has studied music at the conservatory of Nea Smirmi. She got her degree with honors in classical piano and higher theoretical music. She has also studied interior architecture and was taught Graham dance for three years. In 1990 made her first participation on the disc “ Kipos tis taratsas” of Takis Bourmas, singing with him the song “Paratragoudo”.
In 1994 participated in the album “Fantasias Thili” of Takis Bourmas singing again together the song “100 Deuterolepta”. Between 1995-1997 she makes album entries, some of them in Manolis Lidakis album, entitled “To Kleidi” and in Giorgos Zikas album, entitled “Anthropos sti thalassa”. In 1998 she completes her studies in the highest music theory with overall rating “Excellent”.
In 2001 George Dalaras invites her to participate in his album ” I asfaltos pou trehei” with the song “To zeimpekiko kormi sou”, music and lyrics by Takis Bourmas. The same year she completes her studies in classical piano gets her degree with honors. Since then, we see her alongside her father in small music scenes winning every time the best impressions. In 2002, George Dalaras takes her with him on all of this spring performances and summer concerts. Though this cooperation, the next album of George Dalaras follows with the title ” Apo Kardias” in which Anna Bourma participates again with the song “To zeimpekiko kormi sou” with the difference that is time the song comes from her live performances earlier.
After 9 years, in 2011, her first personal album is released entitled ” Ta roda tis avlis”. The music of the 9 songs of the album is composed by Takis Bourmas and of one of the songs (Iparhoun stigmes) by her, making her first composing and song writing effort. The last song of the album is an Armenian poem written by the poet Simpyl and translated by Koulis Alepis.Furthermore, on this album Lavrentis Mahairitsas participates and sings with her in a duet the song “Oneiropolos”as well as songwriters like Theodoros Gkonis and Sotiris Vopis. The presentation of the album is carried out in a famous music scene of Athens through a sold out performance.
On March 2012 starts her live performances in Athens and throughout Greece. In the summer of 2012 comes first in an online contest winning 12200 votes and her participation in one of the biggest festivals of Greece and the same summer she is proposed by Did Music, the largest concert company, to open the concert of Giannis Kotsiras in Karpenisi. At the same time makes her first concert in Marathon with an impressive audience attendance and finishes her summer tour with her participation in the Olympus Festival. In the autumn of 2012 she conducts a series of themed performances entitled ” save the climate ”. There, for the first time in Greece, GREENPEACE supports an artist with its brand as well as with the art videos of the performance. On one of her performances Dimitra Galani sings with her on stage. At the same time the song “Oneiropolos” comes first on the charts of many radio and web stations throughout Greece while several magazines and the official Armenian newspaper of Greece make article tributes on her.
In 2013 makes a remarkable effort supporting voluntarily with her songs vulnerable social groups. At the same time the department of 3D Animation of the AKTO College of art and design puts as a post-graduate dissertation thesis topic the visualization of the song “Oneiropolos” from the album of Anna Bourma and students respond uniquely. A great and successful performance follows that takes place in one of the oldest cinemas of Patission Street and Anna Bourma joins the Athenian artistic network and volunteers her art.
In the summer of 2013 is touring throughout Greece with great success and officially becomes a Unicef volunteer by ERT Broadcast while her second album entitled “Ena tragoudi an sothei” is recorded. On March 17, 2014 her second solo album entitled “Ena tragoudi an sothei” is presented and released by AFM records in the crowded theater of Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation. A new album with new sounds, particular themes and unique performances was prepared for the public of Anna Bourma along with her loyal partners and many others that we see for the first time with her. This time, the music and orchestration of the entire album is countersigned by Takis Bourmas but the lyrics desides Takis Bourmas himself were written by 5 more song writers like: Lina Dimopoulou, Fotini Lambridi, Theodoros Gkonis, Veta Betini and Sotiris Vopis. The album mixes traditional sounds with music of the present. A unique combination of the present and the past puts the listener on a very different journey from what we have heard from Anna Bourma so far.
In 2015 collaborates with Pantelis Thalassinos on stage making a series of performances which are completed with great success. In 2016 is the initiator of the show ” The 5 Elements ”, a musical performance directed, interpreted and presented by Anna Bourma which opens a new way to the music presentation. All her performances were a sold out success and in one of them she collaborated on stage with Christos Thivaios. This show received and is still receiving great reviews and prepares to travel all around the world.
In 2018 starts a new collaboration with one of the most famous labels ” Heaven Music by ANT1 for her new album ” The Forth Season” .